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Emergency treatment for gelled diesel fuel

The problem

Diesel fuel gelling in cold weather is a costly proposition, both in time and money. Cold flow improvers can do a good job of protecting diesel fuel against clouding and gelling but only work when added to the fuel above the cloud point and plug point temperatures. Once the fuel has gelled, cold flow treatments remain ineffective. Which is bad news for the truck or equipment experiencing shutdown due to fuel gelling.

The solution

ThawAID emergency treatment from Ctech solves the problem of unexpected engine shutdown due to fuel gelling in cold weather. ThawAID liquefies and restores frozen or gelled diesel fuel caused by fuel wax formation and even ice crystals.

When used according to directions, ThawAID will completely thaw the entire fuel system in about 20-30 minutes, getting the vehicle back on the road and the equipment back to essential operation. ThawAID is the essential emergency rescue fuel treatment every diesel vehicle and engine should have.

  • Completely safe and easy to use
  • Contains no harmful alcohols
  • Fast acting to restore engine operation quickly

Easy to use

ThawAID™ is easy to use and one emergency application pays for itself many times over.

  1. Determine amount of gelled fuel in tank(s)
  2. For each 200 litres of gelled fuel, add 1 Litre of ThawAID directly to fuel tank(s)
  3. Remove primary fuel filter, shake to remove any gelled material, refill with ThawAID and reattach per manufacturers’ instructions.
  4. Wait 20 minutes before starting engine.


One Litre of ThawAID restores up to 200 Litres of gelled or frozen diesel fuel.