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Marine DieselAID


Marine DieselAID is specifically designed to solve all diesel fuel related problems in boats and other marine applications.

As a result, excessive water forms in the fuel system, which leads to microbial contamination and possible filter blockage. High concentrations of sludge, which are usually present in marine fuel, can also clog the fuel filter and centrifuge. Additionally, marine diesel engines face the problem of constant carbon build-up in the engine caused by excessive idling. Marine DieselAID works to solve these problems.

Strong, concentrate and 100 ml treats 240 litres of diesel fuel. Marine DieselAID is a multi-purpose diesel fuel supplement that controls water accumulation in marine environment.

Sea boats and vessels require high investments. Marine DieselAID is designed to protect this investment and keep vessel at maximum performance, and this can help you to get the most out of the shipping. Work boats owners get‘s value added for free, and save a lot of money regularly using Marine DieselAID.

Marine DieselAID improves combustion, reduces emissions, lowers engine cetane requirement, controls water accumulation and cleans deposits.


  • Reduces maintenance and downtime
  • Extends life of marine diesel engines
  • Reduces harmful emissions up to 90% and increases available horsepower
  • Cleans injectors, rings, valves and conserves fuel
  • Lubricates fuel system
  • Stabilizes fuel and absorbs water
  • Prevents bacteria and slime growth
  • Reduces fuel consumption

!!!Dosage: 1 litre of Marine DieselAID /2400 litres of diesel fuel!!!