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LubeAID – treats the engine, not just the oil

Lubricant that makes miracles by resurfacing worn metal surface with a new layer

If you look through shop shelf’s for oil additives, you can find allot of them. Viscosity modifiers, oil stabilizers, fermented additives, even additives with Teflon, have you heard about it?

There is one product that exists on the market since 1983. It transcends most of all claimants listed – LubeAID.

What is today’s most effective oil additive secret? Not the oil treatment but the metal.

Metal surface no matter how much is polished it still got the peaks and valleys. When two of these surfaces come in contact, creates those surfaces friction, which affects their wear, thermal (heat) increase and higher energy consumption during use of equipment.

Small scratches and wear areas creates an engine wear in such places as the crankshaft, gears and bearings. When using the engine, there build-up particular contaminants in the oil and they scratches the metal. And unwanted results appear, like compression reduction, bad rings champing, oil leak and mixing with fuel.

Ctech formulated their LubeAID oil additives products to fix those problems. Different from all viscosity modifiers and stabilizers, using these products may accrue loss of lubricity, LubeAID fills micro scratches and wear areas on a metal surfaces. This creates two very slippery surfaces, which can work with minimal friction and lower temperature. As the result oil lubricity improved and extended, the engine runs smoothly.

Most people know that the highest friction and engine wear occurs during start and in cold weather, while oil start circulate and lubricate areas where it’s critical. Use LubeAID. Its metal surfaces treating formulation that eliminates friction during cold engine start.


  • Prolongs engine life, reduces friction against dry and cold starts
  • Increases torque and compression, especially in older engines
  • Increase mileage
  • Quiets rough running engines
  • Seals the rings in older engines, increase horsepower
  • Protects against low oil pressure and oil burn
  • Lowers cold engine noise
  • Lowers emissions

It doesn’t matter what engine or vehicle you use, LubeAID oil additive will fit for you.

LubeAID concentrated oil additive formulation contains the highest quality ingredients, which enhances and improve the cleaning qualities of the oil, it cleans the metal surfaces from the contaminants and harmful acids and protects the engine during dry and cold starts. Just add LubeAID additive to the selected oil and you will solve most of the problems.

Don't be fooled into thinking LubeAID is like other aftermarket products that claim to do similar things.  It does not contain Teflon or Chlorinated Paraffin compounds (which turn into harmful acids in your engine). There is nothing else like LubeAID on the market today.

!!!DO NOT use LubeAID additive in automatic transmissions or engines with wet clutches!!!