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GreaseAID is the best grease in the world with unrivalled MBL treatment technology

Which grease is worth to be the best in the world? Many might deny this claim, but when the dust accumulates and affects the natural factors, there is only one winner – GreaseAID.

GreaseAID is the only grease on the market, uniting MBL technology and high quality wide range of applications, lithium grease. As a result, we get grease, adapted to aggressive conditions that can survive high pressure and has an extreme resistance to wear, which beats all the competitors to be named “Best of”.


The heart of GreaseAID is an MBL technology, just the same as used in LubeAID products.

In a result of GreaseAID MBL technology filled with scratches, voids and metal wearied places in sliding metal surfaces, where grease is used. No one grease can equate to perfect MBL technology lubrication, where is copper and lead balls, which fills scratches and forms a new metal layer. The newly formed copper and lead surfaces well slides each other.

The result – a very good achievement, in the extreme pressure and wear reduced temperature and prolonged equipment life time.

GreaseAID is the best grease guarantee

Protects and lubricates during cold starts, GreaseAID provide excellent protection for metal surfaces to move/slip dry, when ordinary greases with lower amount of lithium cannot ensure this.

Even in extreme conditions, when heat and pressure can burn traditional grease, GreaseAID is still working and protects from tear and wear, which defence expensive equipment and whole line, where grease is required.

Different from chemical compounds such an esters and chlorine waxes, which only simulates what GreaseAID does. There is no grease on the market today, which can provide such lubrication like GreaseAID does.

Perfect protection

GreaseAID provides perfect protection, in mostly extreme applications, where best protection is not a desire but the requirement.

GreaseAID shows excellent results on practice, during testing reduces the temperature and reduces wear of sliding surfaces at maximum temperature and pressure.

Lithium greases are not working already at 300 kg of load and reach 40 points in wear scale. Use of GreaseAID increases load up to 500 kg and wear index rises up to 90 points, what indicates the advantages of the product.

On the market shelves and specialised sales outlets, there is a lot of cheap lithium greases, but don’t think they are all the same.

One tube of GreaseAID will outlast and outperform multiple tubes of conventional lithium grease.

Protect your expensive equipment, do not use the cheapest grease on your own purposes, choose the best of what your equipment can get - GreaseAID.