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FlushAID - removes crankcase sludge during the oil change for longer engine lifetime

The older your engine is greater possibility that in his crankcase is more oil sludge.

Oil sludge is one of the most expensive problems currently facing car owners. More advanced models of engines are often faced with unexpected problems, which are caused by oil sludge accumulation in the system. The sludge is dangerous in narrow places where the oil supply can’t get clogged and lubricant will fail to get to the appropriate places. When this happens, severe engine damage is inevitable.

In other words, the sludge build up in the engine, clogs oil return channels, actually absorbs fresh oil when it comes to the engine and reduce lubricity, where it is necessary. The course of time, the sludge may solidify and crystallize from the effects of heat. If this happens, the engine is damaged.

Engine maintenance with old lubricant over their resource is quite often. Has anyone ever done so? Yes? Any surprises.

Oil sludge can be the result of mechanical causes, such as the cooling fluid gets into the oil. This problem requires a repair.

FlushAID - convenient, easy answer to the expensive problem

This product can remove sludge from your engine in just 5 minutes. This is the oil cleaner, which ensures a clean lubrication and longer engine life both in diesel and gasoline engines. Do not pay for a quick oil change and sludge cleaning. Use FlushAID and know that everything is done correctly.

!!!How to use: 5% from oil norm (but not less than 250 ml) of FlushAID pour into the engine before oil change, start the engine and let it run for 10-15 minutes (DO NOT DRIVE!!!) after that change oil normally.