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Concentrate – commercial grade diesel fuel additive

DieselAID – increase fuel value and eliminates common diesel-related fuel problems over decades. DieselAID is the most advanced diesel fuel additive on the market today.

Diesel fuel needs treatment it doesn’t burn so clean as gasoline. Diesel engines got longer lifetime than gasoline engines and diesels get’s more dirty than gasoline. Due to the global requirements for diesel fuel it’s not like gasoline, diesel engines requires an additive treatment, to solve diesel fuel related problems, such as black smoke, a lower mileage, water accumulation, lubricity and cold weather fuel flow.

Universal formulation of DieselAID concentrate increases mileage and horsepower, enhances cetane of diesel fuels (for better engine start and operating), lowers emissions and black smoke, removes harmful freestanding water in the fuel, what can damage nozzles. DieselAID contains powerful detergent formulation that keeps nozzles and combustion chambers clean and at peak of performance for better engine run. It just turns old dirty diesel engine into new, maximum effective.

DieselAID contains anti-gel, it helps to keep diesel fuel suitable for use in cold weather. When temperature drops, there start to accumulate wax crystals. They stick together fuel gets thickened and start gelling. And this is bad news for a vehicle driver in winter time – thickened fuel can stop the engine and leave driver without work.

Regular, cold flow improvers containing products, helps diesel fuel to stop gelling. But quality valuing consumers wants better performance for their money. This is exactly what you can get from DieselAID.

DieselAID additive is also suitable in bio-diesel blends, providing the same long list of benefits for bio-diesel users, who expect more of fuel.

Only 100 ml. of DieselAID treats up to 128 litres of diesel fuel and bio-diesel blends.


  • Keeps nozzles, rings and valves clean
  • Removes engine deposits
  • Controls and eliminates water accumulation
  • Increases available engine horsepower (5 - 10 %)
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Reduces emissions up to 90 %
  • Stabilizes the fuel
  • Reduces engine start up problems, in cold weather (up to -10˚ C)
  • Lowers cold filter plug point
  • Reduce fuel consumption (5 - 15 % or more)

!!!How to use: 1 litre of DieselAID /1280 litres of fuel. For initial treat, use a double dosage to remove build-up, could increase fuel consumption. The second and following times 1/1280. After 6 full tanks of fuel HAVE TO CHANGE FUEL FILTER!!!