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About Ctech

To provide outstanding products in fuel combustion and storage, superior service and global opportunities which benefit our employees, our customers and the world.

Few Norwegian innovative companies can say the words “since 2000”. Ctech can. Since that very first day, we have relentlessly pursued a mission and vision of having:
Outstanding products – problem-solving products that offer exceptional value to our customers.
Superior service – addressing the needs and concerns of our customers and treating them in the same way we want to be treated.
Global opportunities – providing opportunities for others to market quality, fuel solution products all over the world.

Contaminant build up resulting from excessive microbial growth and bio-degradation of diesel fuel can cause fuel filter plugging. Micro-organisms, bacteria and enzyme activity, fungus, yeast and meld cause diesel fuel degradation and the formation of waste products. The process is similar to milk turning into cottage cheese, a different form of milk. Of all the microbial debris and waste products in the diesel fuel tank only about .01% is "bugs".

Even though microbes may cause and accelerate the process of fuel degradation, it should be clear that the waste products clogging your filter are not the microbes but fuel components which have formed solids.

Frequently, the application of a biocide aggravates the situation and turns bio-film into solids, creating a real fuel filter nightmare. Bio film develops throughout the entire diesel fuel system. It grows in the water-fuel interface and on the walls, baffles, and bottoms of fuel storage tanks. An unlucky end user may be filling up his fuel tank and getting this debris delivered as a part of his diesel fuel, for the same price as the diesel fuel.

Why not use Ctech’s balanced formulation for all grades and brands of diesel fuel, with a dispersant, moisture eliminator, detergent, combustion improving modifier, lubricant and fuel preservative. It stops all micrological growth by taking away all nutrients for the bugs.

Other benefits:

  • Reduce consumption (3-5% or more)
  • Keeps injectors, rings and valves clean
  • Eliminates engine sludge
  • Controls and removes water build up
  • Increases available horsepower (5-10%)
  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces harmful emissions up to 90%
  • Reduces downshifting
  • Stabilizes fuel